100 Days | Walking Te Araroa paperback and ebook

100 Days | Walking Te Araroa answers the fundamental question: Why is a long break away from Civilisation, allowing the re-calibration of Life, important to long-term well-being?

An opportunity to find a balance between mind and body, coz, yeah, Modern Life happens pretty much in our heads these days, dominated by screentime. Time to readjust the pendulum between thought and action.

Oh, it is also a day-to-day account of a true New Zealand backcountry tramp.

One summer GJ Coop spent 100, err, 101 days walking the 1300 km length of the South Island of New Zealand, the world’s 12th biggest island. As a pre-ramble the first 16 days were spent on Stewart Island/Rakiura, attempting to get as far south as is sensibly possible in New Zealand. Like beyond 47º S.

Sensibly, huh?

If it was so sensible, why was he the only one doing it?

Yup, a great Little Adventure. 

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Paperback & ebook

100 Days | Walking Te Araroa is available from Amazon both as a paperback, and as an ebook.

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Length: 105,000 words — a 298 page paperback

Paperback cost: $US15.99

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Ebook cost: $US4.99

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Here’s an extract:

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”


I let out a scream, spontaneously, thinking I’d sound like Tarzan, I guess, but with a dry throat my voice cut out unexpectedly. Fortunately, there was no one within 20 km of me, perhaps. I didn’t try again, but I did feel exuberant.

I had traded possessions for experiences, security for freedom.

This was the payoff.

There it was. Hugeness, remoteness, and wilderness all rolled into one.

Up there I could sense my own remarkable insignificance, one small individual humbled by the unfathomable sparseness in front of me.

At this moment I had everything I needed, my pack lay on the ground with my physical essentials, my mind’s relentless wandering for once still and at peace.

We surround ourselves with people, possessions, and activities to avoid this confrontation with ourselves in our routine lives. Here I was: stripped, alone, and strong. This was one of the most significant moments in my lifetime. The present was right in front of my eyes, no need to dwell on the past or contemplate the future. Everything important was just in front of my eyes, all new, not able to be grasped in its entirety, that was enough, if not too much. All senses were operational without the need for thought or processing.

It was awesome, as in the archaic sense, filling you with awe, not in the current, diluted meaning — yeah, pretty good.

I felt a surge of life. Pure exhilaration.

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