St James Conservation Area huts

The 65 km long St James Walkway has a number of well-spaced serviced huts to spend each night in although the degree of “service”, mainly just a fuel supply and a tap close at hand from a rainwater tank, is variable.

Then again it should have good huts as the walkway was specifically set up in the early 1980s as a well-maintained tramp to give an accessible alternative to the Great Walks.

There are a few other around from the St James Station days, prior to when the land was bought by the government and converted into a Conservation Area.

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Ada Pass Hut | St James Conservation Area

Ada Pass Hut, St James Walkway

Ada Pass Hut is nestled in the forest, in a sunny spot, that’s if there’s any sun about, with a splendid view up the west branch of the Mariua River, more a stream here.

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Anne Hut | St James Conservation Area

Anne Hut, St James Walkway, North Canterbury

Anne Hut is a brand new hut built to a Five Star standard, in a different location, after the old Anne Hut was burned down.

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Boyle Flat Hut | St James Conservation Area

Boyle Flat Hut, St James Walkway

Boyle Flat Hut is just over the swing bridge across the Boyle River on a small grassy flat, kinda needing a bit of DOC love and attention but comfortable enough, at least when not at full capacity.

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Cannibal Gorge Hut | St James Conservation Area

Cannibal Gorge Hut, St James Walkway

Cannibal Gorge Hut is sited on a grassy flat with good views down to the Lewis Pass with a backdrop of the substantial peak, Gloriana, 2218 m.

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Christopher Cullers Hut | St James Conservation Area

Christopher Culler's Hut, St James Walkway

Christopher Cullers Hut is an ancient, well, 1959 hut with plenty of yarns to recount no doubt from back in the day.

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Christopher Hut | St James Conservation Area

Christopher Hut, St James Walkway

Christopher Hut is a well appointed 14 bunker hut on a grassy flat surrounded by mountains. It’s a goody

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Jervois Hut | St James Conservation Area

Jervois is off the beaten track these days. Visited by hut baggers and occasional hunters. | Jervois Hut, St James Conservation Area

An unrenovated three bunk hut straight from the deer culler days. Still with an open fireplace and canvas bunks, although now with plastic coated mattresses provided.

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Lake Guyon Hut | St James Conservation Area

Lake Guyon hut, Lake Guyon, North Canterbury

Lake Guyon Hut is a cutie and the lake has trout.

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Magdalen Hut | St James Conservation Area

Magdalen Hut, St James Walkway

Magdalen Hut is a newish DOC 6 bunker not too far from the road that would make a decent base camp if you carried a fishing rod.

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Old Bridge Hut | St James Conservation Area

Bridge Hut, Waiau River, North Canterbury

Don’t think anyone is going to stay at Old Bridge Hut with the dirt floor, wrecked bunks and lack of doors but it’s interesting to visit, primarily for the long-forgotten names etched in the corrugated steel cladding: old station hands from 1918, deer cullers from 1942 featuring.

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Pool Hut | St James Conservation Area

Pool Hut, Waiau River, North Canterbury

Pool Hut is a whacky stuccoed hut from the old station days, not exactly luxurious accommodation.

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Rokeby Hut | St James Conservation Area

 Rokeby Hut, St James Walkway

Rokeby Hut is small, with emphasis on small. The canvas bunks are comfortable enough, kinda like sleeping in a hammock.

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Scotties Hut | St James Conservation Area

Scotties is right by the river. | Scotties Hut, St James Cycleway

Spartan and cosy accommodation in an old converted musterers’ hut on the southern end of the St James Cycle Trail.

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Stanleyvale Shelter | St James Conservation Area

Stanleyvale hut, Stanley River, North Canterbury

An historic station hut used in the old days for mustering.

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Waiau Hut | St James Conservation Area

Great view from the hut. | Waiau Hut, Waiau River, Te Araroa

A brand new hut built in 2017 to take a few of the 1000+ Te Araroa hikers now streaming over from Blue Lake via Waiau Pass.