Nelson Lakes National Park huts

There’s plenty huts in the park, some are well used, ie, Angelus and the ones on the Travers-Sabine Circuit, all serviced huts, with a wood supply and often a warden in summer.

Then there’s others which are seldom visited, if you want isolation head up to those fairly obscure huts in the tributaries of the Mataki valley or up Mt Misery.

Note that during the summer season the Angelus Hut requires booking, and paying separately. Your backcountry pass is not valid from 1 November to 30 April. No booking is required in the off season.

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Angelus hut | Nelson Lakes National Park

Angelus Hut, Nelson Lakes National Park

A newish hut, insulated and cosy, perched on the edge of twin tarns at the top of a mountain with views over to Sunset Saddle and Mt Angelus.

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Begley Hut | near Nelson Lakes National Park

You are not likely to walk past. | Begley Hut, Begley River

Build a reasonably sized hut and people will come. Perhaps. The Begley Hut hut book tells another story.

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Blue Lake Hut | Nelson Lakes National Park

interior at Blue Lake Hut, Nelson Lakes National Park

Short walk, ie, 5 minutes to the remarkable, unforgettable, Blue Lake where you can see for yourself the clearest freshwater in the universe.

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Bobs Hut | Nelson Lakes National Park

Bobs Hut under Mt Maling, 2127m, in Nelson Lakes National Park

Classic SF70 hut, of the original NZ Forest Service variety.

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Burn Creek goldfield campsite | Nelson Lakes National Park

Beyond Jacobs Ladder a significant river flat was once inhabited by gold miners.

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Burn Creek Hut | Nelson Lakes National Park

Congratulate yourself if you get to this hut as it had no visitors noted in the hut book for the entire 2018 calendar year, and also none from a four-year period from 2002 – 2006.

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Bushline Hut | Nelson Lakes National Park

Bushline Hut is perched on Mt Robert at the, err, bushline. It overlooks Lake Rotoiti and St Arnaud, and that’s a fine view.

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Caroline Creek Bivvy | Waiau River, North Canterbury

Caroline Creek Bivvy, Waiau River, North Canterbury

Tiny two bunk bivvy that even with two occupants would be a squeeze. The hammock-like canvas bunks are quite comfortable except if you are taller than the six feet width of the bivvy.

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Coldwater Hut | Nelson Lakes National Park

The hut is right on Lake Rotoiti. | Coldwater Hut, Nelson Lakes National Park

Coldwater Hut is a vastly superior alternative to the nearby Lakehead Hut.

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Connors Creek Hut | near Nelson Lakes National Park

Cute little hut close to the road. | Connors Creek Hut, Rainbow Road

Like many huts of the time the major determinant of the layout was the location of the chimney, hence the positioning of the windows and bunks in a less desirable aspect. Despite all this, it exhibits some charm.

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Cupola Hut | Nelson Lakes National Park

An oldy, but a goody. | Cupola Hut, Nelson Lakes National Park

At 1390 m altitude, one of the highest huts around, but the surrounding wrap of the mountains, the steep south face of Mt Hopeless and the gnarly climb to Mt Cupola, make it all worthwhile.

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D'Urville Hut | Nelson Lakes National Park

D'Urville jetty, Lake Rotoroa, Nelson Lakes National Park

An older style hut that is favoured by hunters and fisherpeople on Lake Rotoroa.

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Downie Hut | Nelson Lakes National Park

Downie Hut, Nelson Lakes National Park

Historic station hut complete with 80 year old graffiti from some original government deer cullers.

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East Matakitaki Hut | Nelson Lakes National Park

East Mataki Hut, just like every other photographer, Nelson Lakes National Park

Chances are you won’t be disturbed if you stay here.

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George Lyon Hut | Nelson Lakes National Park

great setting beside the D'Urville River | George Lyon Hut, Nelson Lakes National Park

George Lyon Hut is the last of the unmodified National Parks big hut built in the early 1970s and renamed to remember the contribution of the first Park Ranger to the development of the huts and park in general.

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Hopeless Creek Hut | Nelson Lakes National Park

Hopeless Creek hut, Nelson Lakes National Park

One of the cutest huts around, plywood lined, double bunks, the rushing of the creek close by . . .

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John Tait Hut | Nelson Lakes National Park

John Tait Hut, Nelson Lakes National Park

Great setting for a valley floor hut, close to the Travers River with the scenic mountain backdrop of the, err, Travers Range.

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Lakehead Hut | Nelson Lakes National Park

Lakehead Hut, Nelson Lakes National Park

The proximity to the road means plenty of use, overuse during the busy times, both by those on the Travers-Sabine circuit, and those venturing not so far, overnighters.

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Mole Hut | Nelson Lakes National Park

Mole Hut, Nelson Lakes National Park

Great little bivvy, ie, not much more than shelter, on a slope in a tussocky clearing near the treeline.

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Morgans Hut | Nelson Lakes National Park

the new hut is real swish | Morgans Hut, Nelson Lakes National Park

One of the recent breed of DOC huts Morgans Hut replaces the original National Park structure that was in serious danger of removal by flood.

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Mt Misery Hut | Nelson Lakes National Park

Once you get up there its flat, with the tarn close by. | Mt Misery Hut, Nelson Lakes National Park

Yeah, the hut is great, but with any more than two inhabitants you would prefer to be close friends. Four or more, just hope it ain’t raining.

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Nardoo Creek campsites | Nelson Lakes National Park

A number of variable campsites present themselves in Nardoo Creek, mostly before the major bend in the river, ie, where you enter the forest and the track climbs high above the creek.

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Nardoo Hut | Nelson Lakes National Park

Nardoo Hut is one of the best tiny huts in Nelson Lakes National Park. The siting is outstanding with big bluffs in proximity, twin tarns at the doorstep, and a great view up the basin.

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Nardoo Tops tarn campsite | Nelson Lakes National Park

Surprisingly sheltered due to the configuration of the landscape. Except when it’s not.

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Paske Hut | near Nelson Lakes National Park

Sound of Music country here. | Paske Hut, Paske River

The Paske Hut is a standard S70 New Zealand Forest Service Hut from the 1960s in fairly original condition, including an open fireplace with a towering chimney.

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Sabine Hut | Nelson Lakes National Park

bunkroom at Sabine hut, Lake Rotoroa, Nelson Lakes National Park

On the Travers-Sabine circuit this serviced hut has a great outlook to Lake Rotoroa.

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Speargrass Hut | Nelson Lakes National Park

Speargrass hut, Nelson Lakes National Park

Double glazed hut in a grassy clearing with a big verandah to contemplate the view.

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Tiraumea Hut | Nelson Lakes National Park

Tiraumea Hut, Nelson Lakes National Park

Sited at the east end of a large clearing adjacent to the beech forest.

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Upper D'Urville Bivvy | Nelson Lakes National Park

Upper D'Urville Bivvy, Nelson Lakes National Park

Huts don’t come much smaller than this, ie, take care when cooking to provide ventilation or you may just stay here.

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Upper Travers Hut | Nelson Lakes National Park

Upper Travers Hut, Nelson Lakes National Park

Nestled in a most picturesque location just under the climb to Travers Pass.

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Waiau Forks campsite | Nelson Lakes National Park

the campsite is in the trees just below the junction | Waiau Forks campsite, Nelson Lakes National Park

It’s a great spot but could do with a dunny dropped in.

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West Sabine Hut | Nelson Lakes National Park

West Sabine Hut, Nelson Lakes National Park

One of the huts for the Travers-Sabine circuit that is hard for many on the track to avoid staying at, Upper Travers to Sabine would be a big day, umm, unless you head up to Blue Lake.