Milford Track huts and shelters

There are two types of walkers on the Milford, the freedom trampers, 40 max, using the DOC supplied huts and the guided walkers, 50 max, using more upmarket private huts that are fully catered.

Three DOC huts are used on successive nights: Clinton, Mintaro and Dumpling.

The private huts are: Glade House, Pompolona Lodge and Quintin Lodge.

Due to possible inclement weather there is also a number of shelters that provide some respite from poor conditions.

Yeah, there was no respite for the poor cameras on the fact gathering trip, hence the somewhat waterlogged images in this section, then again, that’s the reality of this area, you might not get the weather you would personally choose.

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Andersons Cascade Shelter | Milford Track

Just a big roof really, held up on some sticks of timer. | Andersons Cascade Shelter, Milford Track

A big roof, adjacent to the Roaring Burn suspension bridge to allow shelter from the weather.

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Beech Hut | Milford Track

Fairly rustic construction methods were used and local timber. | Beech Hut, Milford Track

This hut is a 1973 reconstruction by Bill Anderson and Sandy Brown, near the original location, of the first two huts built for the Milford Track here in 1890 and which were used until 1897.

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Bus Stop Shelter | Milford Track

The rather primitive structure is just shelter. | Bus Stop Shelter, Milford Track

Very basic shelter, ie, dirt floor, adjacent to Marlene’s Creek to allow shelter from the weather while waiting for the creek levels to lower in the winter months when the bridges are removed.

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Clinton Hut | Milford Track

Yes, the first hut.   | Clinton Hut, Milford Track

Set at a forest/wetlands interface with views to the impressively steep mountains, if you get a distant view, the nearby waterfalls if you don’t.

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Dumpling Hut | Milford Track

The expansive kitchen area in the winter where the covers are on the gas burners.  | Dumpling Hut, Milford Track

After the gloom and confines of Mintaro Hut this is majorly airy and spacious.

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Giant Gate Shelter | Milford Track

The Giant Gate Shelter actually doesn't have so much to offer in terms of shelter. Or anything much else. | Giant Gate Shelter, Milford Track

Two very basic shelters, ie, just a narrow roof with a bench beneath.

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Mackinnon Pass Shelter | Milford Track

That's the pointy Mt Hart at the head of the Clinton River. | Mackinnon Pass Shelter

A fully enclosed alpine shelter, complete with airlock, and room for 40 trampers to give protection from the elements.

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Mintaro Hut | Milford Track

Yup, that's the compact Mintaro Hut.  | Mintaro Hut, Milford Track

Small and dampish hut in a two story structure surrounded by forest and to continue with the bad news, a long walk to the winter toilet.

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Quintin Lodge Day Shelter | Milford Track

Just a place to drop your pack away from any marauding keas. | Quinton Lodge Day Shelter, Milford Track

A shelter to house packs while trampers venture unemcumbered up to the Sutherland Falls.

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Sandfly Point Shelter | Milford Track

Last look at the track. | Sandfly Point Shelter, Milford Track

A fully enclosed shelter, ie, with a door and flyscreens on the windows, used if you don’t time your run to the boat at Milford Sound to perfection.