other Kahurangi National Park Huts

There’s more to Kahurangi National Park than the Heaphy Track.

Here’s some of the other huts that are scattered through the park.

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Adelaide Tarn Hut | Kahurangi National Park

It's sure a great setting. |  Adelaide Tarn Hut, Kahurangi National Park

Adelaide Tarn Hut is tiny shed that is just about as compact as a four-bunker can get.

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Anatoki Bend campsite | Kahurangi National Park

Anatoki Bend campsite | Kahurangi National Park

At least it is level, and free of tussock.

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Anatoki Forks Hut | Kahurangi National Park

Anatoki Forks Hut exterior 1 | Kahurangi National Park

A spacious six bunker, with a famous feature seldom found working in other DOC huts: a hot water tank, and a shower, complete with floral shower curtain.

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Balloon Hut | Kahurangi National Park

Balloon Hut is sheltered by the beech trees. | Balloon Hut, Kahurangi National Park

Although the views from the Balloon Hut site are limited the walk over to Lake Peel are extensive, both into the heart of Kahurangi National Park, and east to the Back of Mt Arthur, the Richmond Range, and down into the Cobb Valley.

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Belltown Manunui Hut | Kahurangi National Park

Belltown Manunui Hut, Kahurangi National Park

Might point out there is no town nearby and those wanting bells, other than bellbirds, will also be disappointed.

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Boulder Lake Historic Hut | Kahurangi National Park

DOC has retained the historic structure. The waterfall is just out the back. I  Old Boulder Lake Hut, Kahurangi National Park

Boulder Lake Historic Hut is a good example of an older style hut from back in the day, although few would choose the older version to the comfort, space and amenity offered by the new.

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Boulder Lake Hut | Kahurangi National Park

The hut, with the waterfall not so far away.  |  Boulder Lake Hut, Kahurangi National Park

Boulder Lake Hut has a great setting in the tussock on the forest fringe, not so far from the lake.

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Cecil King Historic Hut | Kahurangi National Park

Built from a single red beech tree in 1935, allegedly. | Cecil King Hut, Wangapeka Track, Kahurangi National Park

This place oozes character and is one of the most likeable huts around, even if it only has two small windows.

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Chaffey Hut | Kahurangi National Park

The exterior walls are constructed from nearby fallen trees.  |  Chaffey Hut, Kahurangi National Park

Yeah, it has buckets of character that ain’t so common in your standard, more modern, DOC hut.

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Cobb Hut | Kahurangi National Park

 Looks like the hut has been recently painted. |  Cobb Hut, Kahurangi National Park

Cobb Hut is for those who don’t want to join the crowds in the close by, and more generously proportioned, Fenella Hut.

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Cobb River DOC campsite | Kahurangi National Park

The Cobb River is close by for a summer dip. | Cobb River campsite, Kahurangi National Park

The Cobb River campsite is adjacent to the Cobb River, where there is a decent summer waterhole for the adventurous to have a summer dip.

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Cobb Tent Camp | Kahurangi National Park

 There used to be plenty of these for hunters, the canvas was relocatable. | Tent Camp, Kahurangi National Park

Cobb Tent Camp was among the last constructed in New Zealand, back in the late 70s and transferred to this site in 1985.

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Crow Hut | Kahurangi National Park

Crow Hut, Kahurangi National Park

Where else is there a fly fishing rod hanger on the verandah? Seems it gets used a bit during the season.

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Dry Rock Shelter | Kahurangi National Park

It's all out in the open air, except for that rock overhang. | Rock Shelter, Kahurangi National Park

For those who like the idea of sleeping, more or less, out in the open but with sufficient shelter against most elements.

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Fenella Hut | Kahurangi National Park

The hut is bigger than it looks from here. |  Fenella Hut, Kahurangi National Park

It is the usual hut of choice in the Cobb due to the location at the head of the valley.

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Flora Hut | Kahurangi National Park

Flora Hut, Kahurangi National Park

One of the earliest remaining huts in the Nelson region Flora is actually two mirror image huts separated by a woodshed.

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Ghost Lake Hut | Lyell Range/Radiant Range Conservation Area

The hut is sited on the top of a cliff. | Ghost Lake Hut, Lyell Range/Radiant Range Conservation Area

Ghost Lake is the best, ie, least kooky, of the huts on the Old Ghost Road, add the location, right on top of a cliff, with a huge view to the east, the almost half way point, and, well, it’s no wonder it’s the most heavily booked accommodation on the trail.

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Ghost Lake sleepouts | Lyell Range/Radiant Range Conservation Area

One sleepout is right on the edge of the drop. No views from inside though. | Ghost Lake sleepout, Lyell Range/Radiant Range Conservation Area

Not insulated, not adequately insect screened, the wind can whistle through between the timber cladding. All rough sawn timber that doesn’t allow proper cleaning.

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Goat Creek Hut | Mokihinui Forks Ecological Area

The Goat Creek Hut is on the edge of the forest. | Goat Creek Hut, Mokihinui Forks Ecological Area

This is for those who enjoy a brush with history, and like to keep their accommodation costs down at the best level: it’s free to stay.

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Helicopter Flat Hut | Kahurangi National Park

You can see the later addition to the hut. It's a great verandah. |  Helicopter Flat Hut, Kahurangi National Park

Helicopter Flat Hut is an original NZFS hut that appears to have been extended and renovated at some stage, probably around 1980 when Taipo Hut was built.

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Hurricane Hut | Kahurangi National Park

The hut is close to the river. | Hurricane Hut, Matiri River, Kahurangi National Park

Not many people visit Hurricane Hut these days, and half of those that do are hunters who are choppered in.

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John Reid Hut | Kahurangi National Park

Mt Owen as the sun goes down. | John Reid Hut, Kahurangi National Park

Another NZFS SF70 six bunker in good order. It’s fairly authentic, even has the horizontal bracing at the top plate level. Few visit, maybe because of the grunt getting up there.

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Kahurangi Keepers House | Kahurangi National Park

There are a few remnants from the lighthouse keeping days. |  Kahurangi Keepers House, Kahurangi National Park

This is one of the most spacious DOC huts around, significantly more than the standard square metre per resident you find in your average DOC hut.

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Karamea Bend Hut | Kahurangi National Park

Karamea Bend Hut, Kahurangi National Park

Exactly why this hut was built so large is a curiosity, can’t think it is at capacity often. Guess someone at DOC must have recognised that the Leslie River walk is as pretty as it gets around here and thought if you built a great hut people would just turn up.

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Kings Creek Hut | Wangapeka Track, Kahurangi National Park

We made it. | King Creek Hut, Wangapeka Track, Kahurangi National Park

Back in the 70s they clearly expected great things of the Wangapeka Track. 20 bunks here, and at Taipo.

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Kiwi Saddle Hut | Kahurangi National Park

The hut is right at the saddle. | Kiwi Saddle Hut, Kahurangi National Park

Kiwi Saddle Hut is another in the NZFS SF70 style hut, a six bunker, still with the original open fire, and louvre windows, but the squeaky Vono, ie, metal framed, bunks have had the mesh mattress supports replaced with plywood.

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Lake Matiri Hut | Kahurangi National Park

The early morning view from Lake Matiri Hut. | Matiri Ridge and Valley, Kahurangi National Park

The noise from the paradise ducks early in the morning should avoid the necessity for an alarm clock should you choose to stay.

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Larrikin Creek Hut | Kahurangi National Park

The hut is down on the edge of the clearing. | Larrikin Creek Hut, Kahurangi National Park

Larrikin Creek Hut is an obvious place for accommodation for those who wish to climb The Haystack or The Needle, or just explore the Hundred Acre Plateau.

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Little Wanganui Shelter | Kahurangi National Park

Little Wanganui Shelter, Kahurangi National Park

One of the smallest structures around that is intended for sleeping. She’s mighty tiny, but okay accommodation for solo travellers or two good friends.

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Lonely Lake Hut | Kahurangi National Park

Lonely Lake and Drunken Sailors, with the hut in the small clearing on the lower right. |  Lonely Lake Hut, Kahurangi National Park

Lonely Lake Hut is similar in size to Adelaide Tarn Hut, ie, a rather compact shed, but the lack of a fourth bunk means there is actually somewhere to sit.

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Lower Gridiron Shelter | Kahurangi National Park

Yeah, that overhanging rock provides enough shelter. |  Lower Gridiron Shelter, Kahurangi National Park

You sleep outside on a small open timber platform that is accessed by climbing a substantial timber ladder, so it’s not really for those prone to sleepwalking.

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Lyell campsite | Kahurangi National Park, almost

See if you can get close to one of those picnic tables. | Lyell campsite

What’s worse? Sharing this campsite with the swarms of sandflies, or the many camper vans, or car campers who find it a cheap and convenient campsite just off the Buller Gorge highway, at the southern start of the Old Ghost Road.

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Lyell Saddle Hut | Lyell Range/Radiant Range Conservation Area

Yup, it's a big water tank. | Lyell Saddle Hut, Lyell Range/Radiant Range Conservation Area

The Mokihinui-Lyell Backcountry Trust has ignored, or been unaware of, DOCs huge experience in the provision of backcountry huts, and basic, obvious, long proven elements of hut design have not been incorporated here.

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Lyell Saddle sleepouts | Lyell Range/Radiant Range Conservation Area

There's two uninsulated shelters, without adequate insect screening, in the forest. | Lyell Saddle sleepout, Lyell Range/Radiant Range Conservation Area

Yeah, sub-standard accommodation that doesn’t come close to meeting DOCs standards. Or New Zealand’s Building Code.

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Matiri Ridge tarn campsite | Kahurangi National Park

That's Nugget Knob on the left and the ridge that's just been travelled. | Matiri Ridge Tarn campsite

There are a few mostly non-lumpy, almost level and somewhat sheltered camping sites to whack up your tent and enjoy the sunset and sunrise at altitude.

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McConchies Hut | Kahurangi National Park

Just another four bunk hut. | McConchies Hut, Matiri River, Kahurangi National Park

McConchies Hut is an old NZFS four bunker in the Matiri Valley which doesn’t see much traffic these days.

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Ministry of Works Historic Hut / Mackay Downs Hut | Kahurangi National Park

The hut is out in the tussock but there is plenty of dry firewood around. | Ministry of Works Historic Hut, Kahurangi National Park

This is the most original and well preserved NZFS SF70 type huts built in the northern half of the South Island.

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Mokihinui Forks Hut | Mohikinui Forks Ecological Area

The hut weka. The original NZFS S70 hut was extended and renovated. | Mokihinui Forks Hut, Mohikinui Ecological Area

Mokihinui Forks Hut is located on a river terrace overlooking a grassy expanse near the junction of the two Mokihinui River branches, and made famous by the recent removal of an enormous “500-year-old” kahikatea tree. There’s lots of firewood in the woodshed.

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Mt Arthur Hut | Kahurangi National Park

A good introduction to a standard DOC hut, complete with a wood burner to give cosy nighttime conditions. Just don’t overdo it, those top bunks can be excessively sweaty.

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Myttons Hut | Kahurangi National Park

Myttons is a much more intimate hut than nearby Trilobite. | Myttons Hut, Kahurangi National Park

Myttons Hut is a great hut that the kids might enjoy for their first night out tramping.

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North Branch Stanley River campsite | Kahurangi National Park

North Branch Stanley River campsite | Kahurangi National Park

Flat, relatively sheltered, and close to water. Also, as a bonus, no tree roots, and it’s possible to get tent pegs into the soil.

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Point 744, Anatoki River campsite | Kahurangi National Park

You can put a small tent up over there. | Point 744 campsite, Anotoki River, Kahurangi National Park

Great camping here, kaka and kakariki may also enjoy the spot if you are lucky.

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Poor Petes Hut | Kahurangi National Park

That's the hut nestled in some trees. | Poor Petes Hut, 1000 Acre Plateau, Kahurangi National Park

Remember to have a window open when cooking to avoid carbon monoxide asphyxiation. That might just spoil your evening.

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Riordans Hut | Kahurangi National Park

Riordans Hut exterior 1 | Kahurangi National Park

A real trip back in time.

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Salisbury Lodge | Kahurangi National Park

Salisbury Lodge, Kahurangi National Park 5

Well appointed serviced hut snuggled in behind Mt Arthur.

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Siberia Flat campsite | Kahurangi National Park

Used by fly fisherman and those brave enough to confront the numerous sandflies.

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Soper Shelter | Kahurangi National Park

Soper Shelter, Lake Stanley exterior 1 | Kahurangi National Park

A fun place to stay.

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Specimen Point Hut | Mohikinui Forks Ecological Area

Let's have some unnecessary steps to get into the hut. | Specimen Point Hut, Mohikinui Ecological Area

Specimen Point Hut has a magnificent location in the Mohikinui River Gorge, and you can even see the view out the windows from the living area.

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Specimen Point sleepouts | Mohikinui Forks Ecological Area

The sleepouts are out the back of the hut.  | Specimen Point sleepouts, Mohikinui Ecological Area

Crummy, overpriced and sub-standard accommodation.

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Splugeon Shelter | Kahurangi National Park

Splugeon Shelter, Kahurangi National Park

How many of DOC’s huts still have a dirt floor? And this one has a roll-up plastic wall, ie, ventilation tends to the excessive unlike the other shelters on the Karamea-Leslie which tend to the opposite extreme.

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Stag Flat Shelter | Kahurangi National Park

Stag Flat Shelter, Kahurangi National Park

She’s tiny so plenty cosy, you would want to be close friends if there were more than one resident.

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Stern Valley Hut | Lyell Range/Radiant Range Conservation Area

The hut is in serious danger of being washed away in a flood. | Stern Valley Hut, Lyell Range/Radiant Range Conservation Area

why would you locate a hut in an obvious spot to be swept away in a large flood?

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Stern Valley sleepouts | Lyell Range/Radiant Range Conservation Area

The two sleepouts.  | Stern Valley sleepouts, Lyell Range/Radiant Range Conservation Area

I’ll say it again . . .

Yeah, sub-standard accommodation that doesn’t come close to meeting DOCs standards. Or New Zealand’s Building Code.

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Stone Hut | Kahurangi National Park

The hut addition is fairly well disguised. | Stone Hut, Wangapeka Track, Kahurangi National Park

This might be one of the best places in New Zealand to observe a whio/blue duck, that’s the endangered bird depicted on the New Zealand $10 note.

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Sylvester Hut | Kahurangi National Park

Sylvester Hut is fairly sheltered from the prevailing winds. | Sylvester Hut, Kahurangi National Park

Sylvester Hut is one of the best bang for your bucks around: close to the road, great hut, excellent views.

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Taipo Hut | Kahurangi National Park

Taipo Hut, Kahurangi National Park

Split level hut somewhat away from Taipo River but with a great view out to the surrounding bush.

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Thor Hut | Kahurangi National Park

Thor Hut, Kahurangi National Park

Thor has been refurbished in 2008, ie, new roof, painted, etc and it’s in such good nick DOC might just keep it like this for the foreseeable future.

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Tin Hut Shelter | Kahurangi National Park

Tin Hut Shelter exterior | Kahurangi National Park

Tin Hut Shelter is a hut because it has a roof and four walls, a new floor and door, and looks like a hut. It’s a shelter, though, because it has no bunks or mattresses.

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Trevor Carter Hut | Kahurangi National Park

Trevor Carter Hut, Kahurangi National Park

Situated on a terrace above the Karamea River and surrounded by country still showing scars from the 1929 Murchison earthquake.

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Trilobite Hut | Kahurangi National Park

The hut is OK considering you can drive right to the back door. | Trilobite Hut, Kahurangi National Park

Trilobite Hut was built as accommodation for the Cobb hydroelectric scheme but has subsequently been converted to a comfortable enough DOC hut.

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Upper Gridiron Shelter | Kahurangi National Park

Upper Gridiron Hut, Kahurangi National Park

A unique place of accommodation, how many others have one wall of solid rock on a 60º angle, seemingly hand hewn by some novice sculptor who hasn’t quite got the art of fine finishing of the material totally sorted, chisel marks are still in evidence?

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Venus Hut | Kahurangi National Park

Venus Hut, Kahurangi National Park

Has to be one of the great located huts around, perched in a small clearing just above the Karamea River, you can pop out to have a look at the huge trout languidly oscillating in the clear green water below.

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Waingaro Hut | Kahurangi National Park

Waingaro Forks Hut exterior | Kahurangi National Park

Guaranteed to become one of your favourite small huts.

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Wangapeka Saddle campsite | Kahurangi National Park

For those who want an early morning start on the Matiri Ridge route over to Hurricane Hut there is a small, almost level campsite in a small clearing in the forest.