Southland/Fiordland huts and campsites

Plenty of huts in the old Southland Conservancy, but many are on Stewart Island/Rakiura, or on the Great Walks.

Here are some of the other huts.

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Aparima Hut — new | Takitimu Conservation Area

It’s the new Aparima Hut but not that new, maybe 30+ years old. Well sited on a clearing high above the river and right next door to the old one.

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Aparima Hut — old | Takitimu Conservation Area

Aparima Hut is an old hunter’s hut built in the 1950s that can still be used if the newer hut adjacent has too many inhabitants.

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Big River campsite | Fiordland National Park

There is one great campsite on the east side of Big River.  |  Big River campsite, Fiordland National Park

A spectacular place to camp and may be preferable to Westies Hut if you can be bothered carrying a tent.

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Lower Princhester Hut | Takitimu Conservation Area

Lower Princhester Hut is a standard NZFS SF70 six bunk hut in remarkably original condition considering it’s possible to drive a 2WD car almost to the front door.

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Lower Wairaki Hut | Takitimu Conservation Area

Lower Wairaki Hut is an old NZFS four bunker in the southern Takitimus in fairly original condition.

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Martins Hut | Longwood Forest Conservation Area

Martins Hut is the southernmost hut on Te Araroa, actually the only hut in 180 km.

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Port Craig Schoolhouse Hut | near Fiordland National Park

Yup. Looks like an old schoolhouse with a vibrant colour scheme.  | Port Craig Schoolhouse Hut, near Fiordland National Park

Now converted into a Doc hut and worth a visit to see the historic bits and pieces around.

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Wairaurahiri Hut | near Fiordland National Park

Bridge over the Wairaurahiri River is close by.  | Wairaurahiri Hut, near Fiordland National Park

The track from Port Craig Schoolhouse Hut is on an old railway line and is easy walking, plus having four major historic viaducts to check out.

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Waitutu Hut | Fiordland National Park

Pretty similar to Wairarahiri Hut.  | Waitutu Hut, Fiordland National Park

Back in the 70s they must have had a Build-It-and-People-Will-Come mentality. I don’t think they are in fact coming.

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Westies Hut | Fiordland National Park

Westies is in a cave. That means it's damp. | Westies Hut, Fiordland National Park

Note that this hut is not where indicated on the LINZ online map, or printed maps. It is in fact almost exactly 1 km to the west.